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As parents, we experience both immense joy and immense responsibilities.  And so we all look for things that can help us with the challenges of raising our children.  Allergies have been a part of my family for decades. I have three children and we recently found that my son Antonio was diagnosed with anaphalaxis to nuts. In a traumatic experience, we saw the sudden danger posed to his health by simply eating a peanut butter sandwich.  And so life has changed for us and little Antonio, we must now be vigilant in making sure he avoids foods that can trigger a dangerous reaction.

Linda's allergy free baking book will be a welcome tool for parents such as myself and I hope it provides some comfort for other parents who are looking for simple and safe recipes for their children.

Wiggle on and bake on everybody!


InDaily Book Review (Adelaide’s Daily Independent News) 23/11/2010 - KATE DELLER-EVANS

Courage, in the face of the unknown, is what this book provides. If you ever prepare for a birthday party or host a play-date and your heart sinks to hear the words, “Johnnie has an allergy”, then fear no more – baking help is at hand.

Melbourne mum Linda Bosnic has produced a book with recipes to cover the allergy spectrum; all are egg-free, nut-free, and dairy-free, with many offering gluten-free alternatives. As Bosnic’s intention is to show how quickly the cakes, muffins, biscuits and slices can be made, the book is organised into time-frames of quarter to half an hour, with or without the need of a saucepan.

Astoundingly, these recipes work. When Bosnic suggests there won’t be any, say, banana biscuits left to store, she’s right! Leftover cold tea will never go to waste again, for it makes a delicious addition to cake. And the chocolate crackle recipe is the best you’ll ever find.

Intolerances and allergies are now so pervasive the common cook should count a couple of these recipes in their repertoire. One bowl is the quick, handy way to do it.


Catherine (Marcoola QLD)
I love this book! I am a Dietician and my daughter has allergies to dairy, eggs and nuts as well as an intolerance to wheat. The recipes are so easy and everyone loves them not just my daughter!  Trying to find baking recipes that don't taste like cardboard and have simple everyday ingredients is a real challenge.  For special occassions this book is fantastic - I have recommended it to friends and other Dieticians.


Melissa (via email)

I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU!!!!! My son is allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts and has a wheat intolerance. I am over the moon to find a book, tried and tested!! That end product does not taste like cardboard and does not come out of a box and rises as high as a pancake! i hope you release more and more of these books!!!!! God Bless You!  Thanks,


Wendy (via email)
My son is 5 and is anaphylactic to nuts and allergic to milk and eggs.  Your book is absolutely fantastic and I love that I don't have to get the mix master out.

Today I have cooked 3 recipes from your book for a school event tomorrow....they worked first time, were easy and something the whole family will eat!! Normally I have cooked cakes etc with premixes but they are expensive and not always enjoyed by the whole family.

Thanks again, your book is the best one for allergy baking I have come across.  Will certainly be recommending it to my friends.