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Amazing endorsement from The Wiggles - Anthony Field

As parents, we experience both immense joy and immense responsibilities.  And so we all look for things that can help us with the challenges of raising our children.

Allergies have been a part of my family for decades. I have three children and we recently found that my son Antonio was diagnosed with anaphalaxis to nuts. In a traumatic experience, we saw the sudden danger posed to his health by simply eating a peanut butter sandwich.

And so life has changed for us and little Antonio, we must now be vigilant in making sure he avoids foods that can trigger a dangerous reaction.

Linda's allergy free baking book will be a welcome tool for parents such as myself and I hope it provides some comfort for other parents who are looking for simple and safe recipes for their children.

Wiggle on and bake on everybody!

Anthony Field (The Wiggles)